Hi, my name is jennifer rae and I am a creative problem solver!

I have an obsession with typography, lettering, & textures and collaborating. I love collaborating. I am a graphic designer that loves to work with her hands and across many mediums. There isn't a single medium that intimidates me.

Other Things About Me:

I work in the #gscia (greatest small city in America): New Haven, CT where I live with my husband and cat-child: Hellboy.

I have made a pastime of listening to people tell their life stories and what they are passionate about.

I once created two two 8’x4’ panels that were comprised solely of abaca fibers that I hand pulled (handmade paper). These panels served as screens for film projection. When they were lit from behind, each had a hidden image that was then revealed.

In 2009 I found my Doppelgänger. She has cotton candy pink hair, is a fantastic pole dancer, and is also a phenomenal teacher and server.  She currently lives in Seattle (where she pumps fresh mountain water into her room). 

I am 100% content working in my vegetable garden. I implicitly trust any farmer that I meet.

I graduated from design school where I picked up a undying love for film, hookah, coffee culture, gauges, graffiti’ing, street art, and an obsession with graphic novels. 

I'm a typography geek as well as LOTR, Star Trek, & Batman. (The Cassandra Cain Batgirl just blew my mind. Look her up if you don’t know!) 

I LOVE to get messy in paint. Twice I toured with a choir and orchestra as a visual performer creating large live paintings (most of which were not pre-scripted images). The energy from the musicians, the original score, and the visual and physical movements that my body created while being in synch with the performance was positively exhilarating! 

I want to travel ALL THE TIME (I would live on airbnb if I could). I believe that hiking, and geocaching are fantastic uses of a Saturday afternoon. 

I collect old cameras (started with my great grandmother’s, and my late grandfather’s!) and use them. They are so gritty and I love it!

And last but not least, from five years of age until this day I have played on a league regulation soccer team!

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