Imagine Standing Together Against Injustice

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At the beginning of this year, Imagine Goods decided to run a Tshirt line specifically aimed at standing up against injustice. I was happy to add a design to the collection. Then, this month I was also able to team back up with them to add a new design to their Ladderback Tshirt collection! *yes, it Is perfect for summer road trips and lounging at the beach or in your backyard ;)

Spring Lookbook For Vintanthromodern


Wow, what fun project this was. I was able to work with Melissa pretty much from conception to printed piece on this one. Melissa's ideas for her spring lookbook were: to focus on the green flowering, growing and alive aspects of spring, to incorporate vintage hand drawn floral prints that she owns into the design and photography, to have stylized flat lay shots to highlight products in her shop, to have the photoshoot at a local greenhouse, to focus on unique garments and fresh bright prints that are presently in her collection, and to highlight some local creative entrepreneurs as her models.

I was able to create all of the flat lay product photos for this publication, and I digitally edited all of the photos which contain the both the model and the vintage floral prints. After the photoshoot was completed, I then developed all of the layout design which combined all of these gorgeous elements into one gorgeous & cohesive piece!

New design for Imagine Goods!

I love getting calls to collaborate with the women behind Imagine Goods. This time we brainstormed some fun options for a newly designed summer tank top. We decided that a hand drawn element would fit the look perfectly. I created 8 different unique patterns and designs and in the end we chose 2 of them. Check them out below- which one is your favorite?

You can find and purchase these tanks here.


Reprinted Goods

Working with the women at Imagine Goods is such a treat. It is so clear that they value & respect the process, their creatives, and their makers. I was recently notified that my first tshirt design that they printed on reglan long sleeved shirts and short sleeved V necks sold out and they have since got them reprinted for a second run! How awesome. I am proud to be linked to this amazing organization and the heartbeat behind their very existence. We've had so much fun working together that I just finished two new designs for their summer line! can't wait to share :)

A Fall Lookbook for Vintanthromodern!

This fall I had the absolute pleasure of working with Melissa & her local Vintage shop: Vintanthromodern to design their officially designed lookbook. The images were styled and photographed by Salvage + Design and the content was brilliantly written by Melissa herself. The digital platform that we went with for digital publishing was issuu. They have great support and design, as well as a great creative community. All in all, this project was extremely satisfying design challenge and I will definitely be looking to design more in the future!


product design

New Design Blog

I am proud to announce that this will be the site of jennifer rae design's new design blog! Stay tuned for future updates. For now enjoy some of my latest inspirations from my swipe file!


1_Concrete Lamp Pendant by design studio 20eight                     

2_4th Dimension Clock by 22 Design Studio 
3_Concrete Beads by Brandgrafica 
4&5_Erosion Sink by Gore Design
6_The ZIGZA Concrete Bench System, Urban Furniture by Reddot21  
7_Concrete Wall Tiles by KAZA