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Jennifer Rae

& Artist

Hello there.

I’m Jennifer. I am the person that can’t mask their emotions, no poker face here. So when I start talking or teaching about identity design or say the value of good brand guidelines, you’ll know right away how passionate I am about it.

Something you should know up front: if we are going to be working on a project together, I am going to check in on how you and your business are doing. It doesn’t take up a lot of time, and regardless of what $5 logo sites will try to sell you- design cannot be separated from the human component. I don’t talk at or preach to my clients, I treat them to tea or coffee and listen to them. I want to make sure that whatever we create together is a true reflection of you and your business.

I am a seasoned teacher of all ages. I am currently teaching through the amazing organization: Arts for Learning Connecticut. They connect me with residencies, museum & community workshops, as well as in-school, after school and summer programs. Head over to my TEACHING page to see more about the programs I am currently offering. I also offer a select number of internships throughout the year. Please check out the MENTORSHIPS page if you are interested in more details.

I am also a working visual artist. I am currently crafting a few large scale mural paintings, as well as working in abstract portraiture, and immersive installations. Most recently, I was part of Nasty Women CT’s annual art exhibition. I run the flexible collaborative artist space: Studio i with my business partner Christina Kane.

If you have any questions for me, just click CONTACT and say hi!

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Looking for some random facts? sure, I’m game.

  • I am 100% content working in my vegetable garden. I implicitly trust any farmer that I meet. My house plants are taking over and I love it.

  • My cat is majestic AF and loves road trips, water, and hiking. His name is Hellboy and my husband and I are completely gaga for him. We live in New Haven where the best pizza in the entire United States can be found. (my favorite is pictured: the Peccora pie from Da Legna!)

  • I believe that geocaching and hiking are both fantastic ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

  • I once created two two 8’x4’ panels that were comprised solely of abaca fibers that I hand pulled (handmade paper). These panels served as screens for film projection. When they were lit from behind, each had a hidden image that was then revealed.

  • In 2009, I found my Doppelgänger. She currently lives in Seattle (where she pumps fresh mountain water into her room). 

  • I graduated from design school where I picked up a undying love for film, old cameras, hookah, street art, and graphic novels. 

  • I went on tour twice with a choir and orchestra as a visual performer creating large live paintings (most of which were improv images). The energy from the musicians, the original score, and the visual & physical movements that my body created while being in synch with the performance was positively exhilarating!