Illustration by  Yadavi

Illustration by Yadavi


a good internship is actually more like an apprenticeship.

I’ve always believed in the power of apprenticeship. An apprentice watches what their mentor does closely. They don’t do small time-filler projects. They get their hands dirty by working on real projects with their mentor. They learn how to talk to clients, how to have a proper work flow. I run my internships as apprenticeships. You will often hear me calling the internship a “mentorship”. I don’t make interns do coffee runs or endless paperwork. I make sure that the students gain professional skills and valuable insight into a career field that peaks their interests. It is also a safe place where they can have a voice, can ask any questions, and can connect their dreams to real-world jobs.

The internship program at Jennifer Rae Design puts the students at the design round table. We discuss what they know of the art world, what skills that have already acquired, and what they want to learn. I curate the program’s projects around the answers to these questions. Here are a few samples of projects that we have completed: digital comic creation, digital character animation, logo design, layout design, large-scale collaborative murals, t-shirt design, enamel pin design, digital illustration, website design, portrait and product photography, photo editing, and video editing. I also have a larger network of local working artists and business owners that I connect the students with. I’ve worked hard to make sure that this program is packed with resources and with insight into the world of the working art professional.


Jennifer Rae Design Internship Alum


For the last 3 years Jennifer has graciously & generously shared her time and expertise with New Haven Academy students through the spring internship program. She has a wonderful ability to relate with students on their level, push them to take risks, and help them to be invested & engaged in the work they create. Each student is invited to participate and speak up as a valued member of her design team. She encourages, welcomes and validates their input on projects.

Jennifer Rae Design has become a much-coveted internship destination!
— Lynn Gabbard, Internship Coordinator New Haven Academy